Saturday, July 16, 2022

Welcome to Market Day Registration! NEW in 2022– complete your registration and payment online. Below you will find all the information on event participation, rules and understandings, and online registration forms (based on your vendor type.) If you need assistance or have any question please contact us by email.

Event Participation Details

With your space fee, the Market Day Committee creates an event that will build your business:

  • Newspaper and radio advertising
  • Events listing throughout BC
  • Social media and website marketing
  • Entertainment on streets and plaza for shoppers to enjoy
  • Renting of porta-potties, large garbage bin for use by participant
  • Market Day clean up crew to keep streets looking clean and orderly
  • Production of posters to help promote the event locally and much more!

Rules and Understandings

  1. Event starts at 9am and ends at 5pm. Vendors must stay open for the entire event. Set-up permitted after 7am, vehicles must be off the street no later than 8:30am, and will not be allowed back in until 5pm.
  2. Please understand that the event mandate is first and foremost to promote Downtown Courtenay BIA member businesses. Applicant products must be hand-made by the application and imported hand-crafted items are not eligible for inclusion in the market. If in this application the vendor does not accurately describe their product and is selling a manufactured product that is in conflict with a Downtown Courtenay BIA business, they will be removed from the event without a refund. If in doubt, please contact the coordinator for clarification.
  3. Booth space is 11’x11’ and will be assigned a few days prior to the event; a confirmation email will be sent then with event map. On the morning of the event participants will find their placement by name or number written on the sidewalk beside their space. Non-BIA businesses will be placed based on a first-come basis, by the date applications are received and paid in full.* see #13
  4. BIA Members have first right of refusal to space in front of their business, but ONLY if they submitted applications with full payment by the deadline of June 4th 2022. Those BIA Members who are not located on 5th street have second priority of booth placement as close to their storefront location.
  5. All booths must be 10 ft from the centre line of the street; Courtenay Fire Department Regulation.
  1. Participants are responsible for arranging electrical needs through downtown storefronts, but generally, this is a no-power event. Electricity cannot be accessed on city trees or lamps. Any Electrical appliances or equipment must be CSA/ULC certified, and electrical cords must be in good condition and taped to the ground where they may cause a tripping hazard.
  2. Participants such as food vendors that require a generator will be placed at the edges of the market to minimize noise annoyance to others. Participants may be placed near buskers and/or other music.
  3. Food vendors must bring a recycling/garbage can for use at their booths.
  4. No cars may be parked in the street during the event. All cars must be parked as far out of the downtown core as possible to allow customers the use of prime space during the event.
  5. Some businesses have curb bumps and gardens in front of their businesses. Frontage space requested by these businesses may have to include this area in cases where there is no room to move left or right.
  6. Non-BIA Applications must be received and paid in full no later than June 4, 2022. A space is not considered reserved until it is paid for.
  7. The DCBIA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  8. DCBIA reserves the right to create protocol and policy based on current and changing PHO requirements.

Vendor Registration

Booth Space is assigned by 11-foot increments. A 10’x10’ tent will fit into one space. Extra space will be allocated if available at the discretion of the organizers. Reasonable attempts will be made to place vendors in preferred locations but no promises are made, and the organizers will make any final decisions. Please note that DCBIA reserves the right to create or change protocol in response to changing PHO requirements.


Select Your Vendor Registration Type:

Please select your specific vendor type below and complete the form to register and make payment.

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When you submit this completed form with payment you will receive a confirmation via email. This is your receipt.

  • A full refund is available on written cancellations before June 4, 2022;
  • 50% refunded up to June 28, 2022, and
  • No refunds will be given after July 4, 2022.

Any Questions?

Please Email: info@downtowncourtenay.com