The Elevate Arts Festival is a 4-day, multi-disciplinary arts festival focused on barrier free, boundary pushing and community building art, culture and urban reclamation.

For 2017, it will run from May 31st to June 3rd.

Full events calendar and more can be found on the Elevate website.

The Elevate Arts Festival is all about breaking down the barriers between culture producers and culture consumers and working together to create temporary utopias to imagine possible futures for our community and the planet.

We do this through bringing together local and visiting artists and musicians, arts organizations, schools, businesses, community groups and others to experiment, engage, explore and excite each other!

We present the festival in the urban heart of the Comox Valley in the spirit of celebrating public spaces and downtown cores as community gathering spaces where culture, ideas, art, craft and talents are exchanged and new ideas are born.

Finally, the Elevate the Arts Festival is all about respect for and celebration of the incredible scope of human diversity.

It all takes place in the streets, alley, stairwell, halls, cafes, nooks and crannies of Downtown Courtenay. Thursday & Friday the focus is on evening events. Saturday is an all day and night multi venue and street festival.

The Elevate Arts Festival is FREE to the public. All event producers are volunteers. Travel honourariums are provided for out of town performers and hospitality (delicious food and beverage) is provided to all performers, partners and volunteers with the help of our generous sponsors and donors.