Do you want to spruce up your building and business façade with the addition of some decorative details? Hankering for a fresh coat of paint on your building? Pining for updated signage, awnings and/or lighting? Or would you like to add a bit of a creative edge and painting a mural on your building?

The Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association (DCBIA) FAÇADE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM provides grants to property owners and business owners to renovate, restore or redesign their commercial building façades and storefronts in downtown Courtenay, located within the DCBIA boundaries.

50% of upgrade costs are available per project, to a maximum of $5,000.

The goal of this program is to encourage owners of such buildings to invest in building upgrades that create a more appealing and marketable environment on the street, attracting people and businesses to the area.

This new program presents a vital opportunity for the continued revitalization of Downtown Courtenay. YOUR INVOLVEMENT is crucial for the success of the program.


  • Receipt of applications for grants, no later than June 20, 2022
  • Approval by committee, by June 28, 2022
  • Completion of project; no later than June 20, 2023

We encourage you to read the Façade Improvement Program material attached below, and contact any of the DCBIA Directors on the Infrastructure Committee (see below) to discuss any proposed improvements to your building. The list of eligible improvements is extensive, the application is simple and straightforward, and the dreaded red-tape is kept to a minimum.

Download the Facade Improvement Program Application Form and Program Guide here:
2022 Facade Grant Application – FINAL

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The following is a summary of the type of City permits and permissions as they relate to the Façade Improvement Program:

Development Permit – the downtown is within the “Downtown Development Permit Area” (see pages 83-86 of the Official Community Plan, available here. The Development Permit Guidelines relate to the form and character of buildings and include building details and design, entrances, signage and building lighting. A Development Permit is required for exterior renovations unless you are only replacing the windows or but not changing the openings, only painting the exterior, or if the change in the exterior design of any building on any one side is less than 25% in area as determined by the City.

Building Permit – A building permit may be required if changes are made to structural elements, or if changes are being made to window openings or doorways (access/egress). On March 18, 2013, City of Courtenay Council unanimously voted in favour of reducing the Development Permit Fees from $1,000 to $100 for the exterior renovation of properties within the Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Area in support of the DCBIA’s Facade Improvement Program.

Sign Permit – any new signs or changes to existing signage requires a sign permit. Sign Permit information and applications can be found here. Note that if a Development Permit is required, the Downtown Development Permit Area has guidelines specific to signage.

Business License – renewal is required on an annual basis.

Encroachment Agreement or Use Permit – use of any City land (sidewalk, road right-of-way, plaza etc) for outdoor patio area may require special permissions through an encroachment agreement or use permit.

Previous Recipients of the DCBIA Facade Improvement Grant

Second Page Books- 2022

Foundation Hair Salon, Design Therapy, Comox Valley Cannabis Co- 2021

Hitec Brazen Sportswear and Ken Schmidt- 2020

Courtenay Masonic Temple Association, Comox District Teachers’ Association, Rick and Joann VanHerwaarden (Extreme Runners/Sharons on 5th) – 2019

The Curious Cat and Michael’s Off Main – 2018

5th Street Florist and Extreme Ends – 2017

Philip Diede (building corner of 4th & Fitzgerald) – 2015

Joe Formosa (building corner of Cliffe & 4th) – 2014
Ski Tak Hut – 2014
Codes Country Lanes – 2013
McConnochies building – 2013