You Are Magic!

You Are Magic
Posted March 8, 2017. By Generations Laser.

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Hey, you.


Can we chat for a minute?

You might not know us, but we know you. Those comments you mutter under your breath, we hear them. The looks you give yourself when you pass a mirror, we catch them. When you let yourself down, we see the disappointment in your eyes. And that negative inner monologue you have? We can recite it verbatim. Your to-do list is out of control, your goals are piling up, and those areas in need of improvement don’t seem to be getting any better.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you want to improve.

At a very young age, we are put on the hamster wheel of change and swiftly learn how exhausting it is. We are taught that to be happy all we have to do is change ourselves and, ta-da, everything will be rainbows and cute, fluffy kittens. This is a lie – the biggest one we are fed. Still, we fixate on how we can be better, obsessing over the size of our thighs, smoothness of our skin, our inability to eat properly – the list goes on and on, doesn’t it?

What concerns us is how easy it is for you to overlook how amazing you are. Because the simple truth is, you are magic — luminescent and magnificent. Of course, we expect you to roll your eyes and shake your head, so let us explain.


Street-smart, book-wise, science-savvy, creatively- intelligent, athletically-astute – whether you are capable of brain surgery or are able to balance a ledger like no other, you are needed. We sit here and look at what you can do and shake our heads in wonder. You are not dumb. You are inspiring. Your passion is infectious. And you don’t even know how many people wish they had your brain-power.

Embrace your brilliance.




There is no one on this earth who is exactly like you. In fact, there has never been a single person to ever exist who is like you—since the beginning of time! Just take a moment to grasp that. You are one of a kind. And you cannot be duplicated.  It isn’t just about your appearance or personality traits. Your laugh is uniquely yours. No one can smile your smile. No one can say your ‘hello’.  This extends beyond likes and dislikes. It goes down to core root of who you are, what drives you. No one can love exactly like you and that is so important to recognize.

Sometimes you may find yourself looking at other people and wanting their hair, their hips, their relaxed nature, but it’s pointless. You were never meant to be someone else. You were always supposed to be different and you have always been you. Be proud of what sets you apart because it is absolutely mind-blowing how incredible you are as an individual.

You are an original masterpiece.


Strength runs deeper than bench presses and push-ups. It takes guts to confront your flaws, to understand your weaknesses. You are strong when you stand up for someone, even stronger when you stand up for yourself. How mighty you are when you fight for what’s right. How fierce you are when you help others. Those emotions you bare to the world make you a warrior. The compassion you offer and the love you give show us you are a powerhouse.

Oh, how brave you are to keep going – to get up, to put one foot in front of the other, and to try.

You got this.



It’s a cliché to say beauty comes from within, but it’s only become a cliché because it’s true. Unfortunately, if you’re constantly picking yourself apart, you aren’t even giving yourself a chance to be pretty. The root of all beauty is happiness. Happy is healthy. And in order to be healthy, you have to start being positive, which is hard when we have so much external negative influence.

Here’s the simple truth: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Every inch of your being, even your imperfections, the things you want to change, are beautiful. You are the earth, and the trees, the night sky, and the ocean rippling on the shore. You are stardust.

It’s time to stop tearing yourself down and start building yourself up.


Worthy of everything your heart desires. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of friendship. You are worthy of kindness and compassion and gentleness – not just from those around you, but from yourself as well. Respect your voice for the words it speaks, for the thoughts it expresses and the opinions it shares. Respect your body for the movement it creates and the journey it’s travelled. Respect your heart for the people it lets in and the love it shows.

Respect your existence; for you are here and you are important.

Here’s the honest truth about change – it won’t make you happy. It can contribute to happiness, but it won’t flip a switch and all of sudden have you appreciating the wondrous creature you are. That happiness, which ultimately is the goal, comes now. It comes when you start celebrating who you are and what you’ve done. Life isn’t about change. It’s about evolving. Embracing personal growth and letting the person you are stretch their wings and breathe the sweet air of freedom. Allow yourself to be free and appreciate the magic inside you.

Keep growing, darling. Soon you will reach the stars.